A year ago I decided to participate in Holidailies. It’s a blog thing where bloggers promise to blog every day for a month. Of course, it comes in one of the busiest times of the year for regular people, which is even busier for those of us who work in education. But, hey, I can do that, right?

Apparently last year I decided that, no, I couldn’t do that. I only posted a couple of days and then nothing.

I usually try to be pretty careful only to post things that I think are important and not waste my words by adding to the noise out on the internet. I don’t want to be one more person posting a bunch of useless opinions. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by all of the blogs and rants and crazy I read on social media and other places, and I hate to think that my blog adds to that (although I fear sometimes it does!).

So I try to stay quiet unless I really have strong feelings about something. Maybe this month, though, I’ll just lighten up and post some random stuff about life. Now that I’ve posted this publicly, I guess I have to, right?

Speaking of random stuff, here's a picture of me a million years ago. You are welcome!

Speaking of random stuff, here’s a picture of me a million years ago. You are welcome!

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